Building Aprons

Designed to withstand the rigors of heavy traffic and industrial use, our concrete aprons offer the perfect blend of strength and resilience. Our expert team ensures that each apron is constructed with precision, providing a robust foundation for heavy machinery, large vehicles, and high-volume usage. Choose Task Concrete for a heavy-duty apron solution that promises longevity and exceptional performance.

structural service


Our structural concrete services provide the strength and stability needed for your projects. Whether you need a foundation, retaining wall, or any other type of structural concrete solution, we have the expertise to handle the job. With our focus on client satisfaction, we work closely with you to ensure that schedule and coordination is effectively communicated so you can confidently plan when Task is on the job.

Site Concrete

Our site concrete services provide the finishing touches for your project. Whether its commercial, municipal, or industrial sidewalk & curb systems, we have the right team to handle your project. Our attention to detail, ensures that your site concrete needs are met with the highest level of services and quality.


Our gradebeam construction services provide a sturdy and reliable foundation for your building project. Our experienced team understands the commitments to schedule that are required to keep your project on track. We can handle every aspect of your gradebeam construction including installation of void form, rebar, formwork, and concrete placement. This enables a one stop shop for efficient coordination & better control over schedule.


Our foundation and pile cap services provide our clients with a one stop shop for building a strong a stable base at your project. Whether you need the piling, excavation, or pile caps completed, our experienced team and trade partners will ensure your foundations are built solid up to the anchor bolts and ready to go.

Culvert Headwalls

We offer professional concrete culvert headwall construction services for a variety of projects. Our project portfolio consists of numerous AB Transportation projects, so we understand the detailed specifications as well as how to operate within the environmental sensitivities that often accompany many of the drainage projects our clients are engaged in.

Underground Structures

Our underground concrete structures services bring expertise to your project. Working in shaft excavations or shored environments requires strategic planning and collaboration with our clients to ensure that the structure build does not impact schedule. Our proven experience enables us to understand the constraints our clients are under when working underground. We team up with you early in a project to provide input and creative solutions that will help you get to backfilling faster.

Concrete Dolly Pads

A concrete dolly pad makes an ideal solution for loading yards and docks. Dolly pads help protect your foundation and yard where semi-trailer landing gear drops. As a cost-effective, long lasting solutions that can support the heaviest of loads, concrete is an ideal solution for dependable results.

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