Building Concrete
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We are a concrete contractor based out of Edmonton that provides reliable and professional concrete cutting and construction services. Our team of skilled professionals are ready with the knowledge and equipment to complete your project.

Concrete Coring
Concrete Cutting
In the fast-paced and every growing world of construction Task Concrete strives to a premier option in the playing field.

This is why we started with the end in mind, understanding that to be a compelling option for our customers we had to be ready to do it all and do it well.
We our proud to offer a comprehensive servicing in a variety of facets in the concrete construction industry, and ultimately simplify the complexities of concrete construction by being a one stop shop.
As time goes on, we will continually push to become a staple of our industry and show our customers what a premier contractor looks like, as well as improve in every facet of operations to ensure we continue to uphold our core values and deliver to our clients.