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Concrete Coring

Core drilling is a versatile construction solution that provides accurate penetrations through concrete with little noise, dust or vibration.

Our equipment is lightweight, portable and can be powered electrically or hydraulically to suit the working environment. We can currently core up to 1200mm in diameter at any angle into floors, walls and manholes to support:

  • Electrical, plumbing, and process line installations
  • Water, sewer, and storm piping
  • Core sampling and condition assessments
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Tie bars

Stitch drilling is also available for irregular openings.

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Concrete Cutting

Flat sawing or slab sawing is the quickest and easiest way to cut large areas in preparation for removal or demolition. By cutting large pieces of concrete into smaller pieces it creates less debris and is easier to transport or handle.

Concrete removal can be difficult and our experienced team is available to help bring your project in on time and on budget. We have a range of walk-behind saws including electrical units available when there is inadequate ventilation such as indoors.

  • Asphalt cutting 
  • Concrete cutting
  • Electric saw cutting
  • Control joint cutting
  • Ideal for concrete floors, roads & bridges
  • Best suited for standard floor slabs 80-200 mm thick
  • Suspended concrete slab cutting

wire sawing

Wire Sawing

Ideal for cutting large sections of reinforced concrete, our advanced wire sawing technology delivers exceptionally clean and accurate cuts, even in the most challenging environments. Whether you're tackling complex structures or require intricate modifications, our wire sawing solution ensures minimal disruption and maximum safety. At Task Concrete, we combine expertise with innovation to provide tailored wire sawing services that meet your project's specific needs


Robotic Demolition

Harnessing the power of advanced robotics, we offer a smarter, safer, and more efficient approach to breaking down concrete structures. Our state-of-the-art robotic demolition equipment is designed for precision and controlled deconstruction, making it perfect for confined spaces and sensitive environments where traditional methods fall short. With enhanced safety, reduced labor costs, and minimal environmental impact, Task Concrete's robotic demolition service is the future-forward solution for your complex demolition needs.

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Concrete Removal

Modifications or major alterations to a structure commonly require controlled concrete removal. Task can work with your project team to develop work plans for your concrete removals prior to re-construction.

Through the use of the right techniques and equipment, it’s possible to carry out the removal work with minimal vibration or disruption to existing operations.

  • Electric concrete sawing 
  • Interior renovations
  • Space use modifications
  • Infrastructure rehabilitation
  • Concrete slab trenching
  • Concrete re-pour

services wallsaw

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is ideal for cutting large openings in concrete, brick walls and pre-cast wall panels.

  • Circular saw up to 150mm in depth
  • Ring saw up to 450mm in depth
  • Window and door openings
  • Utility and ventilation systems

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